un pavimento lucidato con il metodo HYPERCONCRETE è perfettamente a norma in materia di igiene. Di seguito troverete il test che conferma che è a norma secondo il più importante istituto di vigilanza in materia alimentare:

il Foods and Drugs Safety Inspection Service’s “Sanitation Performance Compliance Guide”

Letter of Assurance January 24, 2014

CONCRETE Hardener Lithium – BC-Crystal Seal+TM
CONCRETE Hardener H10 – BC-Crystal Premium SealTM
CONCRETE Guard Lithium – BC-Diamond Guard (IN)TM

In accordance with USDA regulations 9 CFR, section 416.4 and the Foods and Drugs Safety Inspection Service’s “Sanitation Performance Compliance Guide” and the CE Authorization, HYPER GRINDER issue thought B-Chemicals this hygienic certificate or letter of assurance:

When properly applied, all the HYPER GRINDER by B-chemicals productsTM and the products knowledge for private labels is in compliance whit current EC norms regrinding hygiene and safety within areas used for processing and packing foodstuff.

HYPER GRINDER Concrete sealer/hardener/densifier contain no harmful and no silicon compound that will contaminate food or drug and meat handling and processing equipment or facilities.

In addition, all the HYPER GRINDER by B-Chemicals products will make concrete floors and wails less porous and easier to clean, creating and environment that is less susceptible to the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

The use of HYPER GRINDER by B-Chemicals products, in combination with polished concrete process, thanks to the use of specific latest-technology nano-lithium silica materials which meet all the requirements for such environments:

›› perfectly continuous surfaces with an extremely limited inclusion of joints,
›› to avoid areas where dirt and bacteria may collect;
›› very high resistance to frequent contact with chemical substances (acids, base chemicals, blood, milk, wine, drinks in general, etc.);
›› easy to clean and resistant to frequent washing;
›› safe, non-slip surfaces, even in the presence of liquids;
›› resistant to mechanical stress, abrasion and impact caused by the continuous movement of mechanical transport such as fork-lifts and pallet trucks;
›› surfaces which are totally impermeable to liquids and oils;
›› surfaces which are resistant to frequent, considerable thermal shock.